3 x8 lateral lunge with barbell on back. (work up in weight but don’t go to heavy )


Every :90sec

Rd 1: 60 ft famers carry

Rd 2: 20/16 CAL bike

Rd 3: 20 wall balls

X 3 rds



Power Snatch


3 rounds:

10 PSN

10 Burpees




Cindy 12 M


Power Clean

WOD: 5 rounds


2 bear crawls

20 lunges

Strict Press + Back Squat

3 rounds:

7 Strict Press

10 BSQ

7 burpees

Toes to Bar + K2E + Box Jump

21 – 15 -9

K2E + Box Jumps

Front Squat

5 x 5 FSQ

WOD: 3 rounds

20 cal row

30 airsquats

Push Jerk + Skipping

WOD: 6 rounds

5 Push Jerks

15 sit ups

25 dU or 50 Sk



Hey guys, we will be starting a cycle of accessory work in some of the skill portions through out the month. They are general things that pretty much everyone needs to work on…shoulders, posterior chain and such. if there are any questions about it ask me at the gym! -tommy



A) 3×2 strict Chest 2 bar/ pull ups (make them weighted if you need to for 2 tough reps) rest :90 sec

B) 3 max reps of ring dips/box dips @40×1 (4 seconds down/ no rest at the bottom/ 1 second at the top) rest 2 mins between sets.


10 box jump with step down

8 hang power cleans @135/95

6 shoulder 2 overhead @135/95


Open Tshirts


Hey guys, we will be doing a pre-order for 2016 open shirt! It will be running Untill late next week! Sign up will be on the white board!12745671_978023282284405_5454639639540882389_n



Backsquat: 5×5


21-15-9 Thruster & pullups



15M Snatch Complex: Floor/Above/Below

OTM: alt X16

min 1 10 PCL

min 2 10 BOB



Bench: Triple


Wall Balls


Box Jumps

What is the CrossFit “Open” by Coach Holly



It’s almost here….the OPEN! It starts this week! We’ve had multiple questions from many members, asking ‘what exactly is the open?’ and ‘how does it work?’ so we figured…lets give you a breakdown! This is a small overview of the CrossFit Games Open and how it all began.

2007 – The first ever CrossFit Games take place in Aromas, CA. The ranch where the Games are held is the family property of Dave Castro’s parents. Anyone who wants to can register to compete.

2009 – The first year of qualifiers. Individual athletes must compete and qualify on a regional level before advancing to the Games. Team competition, however, is still first come first serve.

2011 – CrossFit innovates an internet based competition for spots at Regional competitions. The OPEN is created. The Open is a worldwide competition, taking place over 5 weeks. Top 60 athletes make it to Regionals. Top 3 from Regionals (2 from Canada) make it to the games. Top 30 teams make it to Regionals, top 2 in Canada make it to the games.

2015 – The Open introduced a scaled category to compliment the RX division. This allowed more access for every single member in the box to be able to take part. Super Regionals was also created. Number is cut from 60 athletes, to top 20 from each region make it from the Open and Teams are cut from top 30, to the top 15.

2016 – The Open starts on Thursday, February 25th. Same concept, scaled and RX divisions. At the end of the 5 weeks, the top 20 individual athletes qualify for regionals, and the top 15 teams. We are located in Canada East and are paired with North East. Together we are labeled the EAST region.

Every Thursday night, at 8:00pm over the next 5 weeks, Dave Castro will be announcing the Open workouts. They are labelled based on order and the year. 16.1 means the first workout (1) of 2016 (16). All the workouts are labeled the same way. That’s why when you look back and see 11.1, 13.2, 14.5 etc., it’s how they keep track. Castro announces the workout and every gym and every member has 5 days to do the workout. There are standards for every workout and you must be judged by someone who has completed and passed the online CrossFit Judges course. [Sign up here to help out the gym over the weekend: https://oc.crossfit.com] With every workout you do, you will get a score to submit on the games website. If you’ve already signed up for the Open, you know that you have a games profile as an athlete. This is where you submit your scores. If you haven’t signed up yet, head over to www.games.crossfit.com and register. Sign up under CrossFit Select (affiliate) and we will add you to the CrossFit Select team.

When the workouts are announced on Thursday nights, two or three TOP Games athletes will be throwing down the workouts on the spot. You will be able to stream the video from your home and watch the announcement and workout live at 8:00pm (All from the games website www.games.crossfit.com). This will give you an idea of how the workout will flow and how much it’s going to hurt. Emoji

Every Friday night we will be throwing down the Open workouts. They will be programmed as the WOD at the gym as well, scaled and RX’d options. (There’s no hiding, you will most likely be doing the Open workout regardless of signing up or not…so you might as well sign up!) The Open is a great opportunity to try something new and do something different with your community. It brings people together and gives you a platform to excel at some movements you didn’t think you were capable of doing. Last year, Castro announced that 15.3 started with 7 muscle ups. There was uproar in the CrossFit community and loads of people were frazzled, but what came from this, was so many people getting their first muscle up over the same weekend. Athletes who didn’t know they were capable, or who had never tried…we’re rising to the occasion and kicking butt getting their first muscle up.

Progress not perfection is always the goal. We preform the Open workouts together and our wish is for every member to feel the energy, the excitement and the fear of the Open. It can be scary, but we’re all scared together! Through the fear comes growth. It brings people together, and it lets you be apart of something that the whole CrossFit community, WORLDWIDE, is taking part in. It’s about community, family and support. It’s about being there for your workout partners, cheering on your teammate and supporting your coaches. It’s about someone’s first time competing, and putting themselves in a scary, but exciting situation. It’s about standing on the side lines cheering in their face, letting them know you believe in them and support them. It’s about doing things you didn’t think were possible. It’s about finishing the workout and being proud of yourself for showing up. It’s about you and it’s about all of us. It’s something we can to do together and that is something amazing. We are here to represent the community of CrossFit Select. We can show how hard we work, how hard we play and how amazing we are. And that is something worth celebrating.

Programming throughout the Open will not change. But if you are looking to organize your days around the Open, try taking a rest day on Thursday and don’t kill yourself in the workouts on Wednesdays. Show up Fridays ready to tackle the workouts. Give yourself enough time to warm up and stretch and be there for your community. We will be providing tips and strategy ideas for all our members to try for each workout.

If you haven’t registered, head over to www.games.crossfit.com. The Open starts in 3 DAYS. Get ready Select!! Your coaches are behind you. We know that you’re ready. All you have to do is believe in yourself. See you on Friday!