Featured Athlete | Rania Issawi


Rania is a 23 year old student at Ryerson University. Chances are you’ve seen her around the 10 am class with a positive attitude and a big smile on her face. Rania is an extremely hard worker who loves Crossfit and enjoys challenging herself. Rania was born in The United Arab Emirates and moved to Jordan when she was 17 where she started doing Crossfit at “Crossfit 962”. At 22, she moved to Canada to complete her Masters in Architecture at Ryerson University and joined Crossfit Select in September 2016.

What made you want to start Crossfit?

R: I was really drawn to Crossfit because of the olympic lifting, then when I started doing it I fell in love with the vibe and community at the gym. It’s not like any other gym or sport, everyone is so supportive and welcoming.

What was Crossfit like in Jordan?

R: So similar! Both gyms have super similar workouts, sometimes the workouts are almost identical! The vibes are even similar as well. I also notice a lot of similarities in between the coaches at Select and the coaches back in Jordan, it’s super weird!


You just completed Ramadan. What was it like to train while you were fasting?

(Ramadan is a Holy Islamic month, that requires fasting from sun-rise to sun-down. This year it was from May 27th to June 25th).
R: I thought it would be really hard. Back in Jordan because of the time of year we only had to fast for 14 hours, here there is more daylight so I had to fast for 17 hours. For the first three days it was really hard and my body had to do a lot of adjusting. I scaled the class workouts a lot as well. I also made myself eat a lot of high fat foods (Eggs, avocado) in the morning before sunrise so that I could have energy throughout the day.

How has Crossfit impacted your life?

R: When I started Crossfit I was in my senior year of architecture, and it was extremely stressful, I would stay up really late working on projects and homework. Crossfit gave me a boost of energy throughout the day which helped me finish my school work, if it wasn’t for crossfit I would probably be laying in bed all day and working on school work. It also provided me with an outlet to release some stress and energy. Socially, people helped a lot by being so supportive. Crossfit Select has really made Canada feel like home way faster than I thought it would take. Everyone at Select is so friendly, welcoming and supportive, especially the 10am class! They’re awesome, they always keep up with me, they make me feel so welcomed! They’re my jam!

What did you do before Crossfit?

R: I played a lot of tennis! I come from a very athletic family; my Dad is a coach and my brother is an athlete.

What’s your favorite pre-WOD meal?

R: Eggs in the morning and right before I go to the gym I eat a banana!

What’s your favorite post WOD recovery meal?

R:JaktRx WOD recovery! The chocolate flavor!

Who is your favourite Crossfit Games Athlete?

R: Sara Sigmundsdottir! And after this years regionals I also really like Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault. And Thomas Markhauser 🙂 He’s up and coming…

What’s the most difficult thing about crossfit?

R: The gymnastics! They’re my biggest weakness but i’m working on it!

Are there any results that you are super excited about since joining Select?

R:Yeah, when I first started Crossfit I remember I had a hard time completing three wallballs in a row, two weeks ago I snatched 105! When I started I would have never imagined snatching that much!

What is your favorite crossfit movement?

R: The snatch!!

What are your goals in Crossfit?

R: I hope to compete at Regionals in 3 or 4 years from now 🙂

June 26 – July 3


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Programming !!


Here is the programming for this week – a week jam packed with FUN!

A lot of people have mentioned they’ve been feeling beat up, especially with the hot weather – so some days there is an option to build to a heavy or work on technique – this choice will be YOURS!

Remember to hydrate before, during and after your workout!! (…I hear JAKTRX has a great product to help with that too! 😉 )

Happy Sunday!

Happy Fathers Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all our heroes at CrossFit Select.
Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers on Earth and in Heaven.

Exciting news: Changes to our Lite classes!


Exciting news! We are implementing a new on-ramp program for our new members, therefore we will be changing all of our regular ‘CrossFit Lite Classes’ to standard CrossFit classes and the programming will be the same across the board for every class.

Are you more comfortable doing the Lite programming? Chances are, we know who you are! And as your coaches, it is our responsibility to make sure you are moving safely and are comfortable with the workouts you are doing. Every workout is universally scalable and we have no problem changing around the workout of the day so it caters to your abilities and comfort level.

Wondering about our new on-ramp program for new members? E-mail us at info@crossfitselect.com and we will be happy to tell you all about it!