It’s amzing how quickly change happens once you set a goal and stay disciplined to achieving it. I can’t tell you how many pounds I lost in 8 months since I don’t weigh myself, what I can say that for the first time in my life I can do a handstand push, run 10k without breaks and I feel better than I ever have before

If it wasn’t for the coaches and fellow athletes at Crossfit Select my transformation would have not been possible. There is so much positive encouragement every time I walk into the box that I would never find at any other gym. Whether it’s a hi-five after a killer WOD, a compliment of how well I’m doing or a simple hello to acknowledge my presence, these are all things that the Select community has given me to help me achieve my goal.

What I did to transform myself was very simple….diet and exercise. I made an effort to sweat everyday, most of the time that would be at Crossfit Select but if I could not make there for some reason then I would go for a run, bike ride or a long hike through the woods. When I was at Select I left my ego at the door and followed the advice of the coaches. If Tommy, Holly, Steve, Lori, Nath, Drij or Chris told me to use less weight or keep my heels down, I’d oblige. And it was always to my benefit. Furthermore, what I realized is that by using less weight I was able to push myself more and have a more effective WODs. I was not taking breaks between lifts to mentally and physically prepare myself for a lift, rather I’d give it my all and was lying on the floor once the WOD was over.

I did not starve myself or take any diet pills, instead I followed a paleo diet which mimics what our ancestors ate, meats, fish, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. This also meant that I stayed away from processed food and drinks. If I was going to eat a steak I would make sure it came from a local butcher but I would divide it into smaller portions to stay on budget. I’d shop at farmers markets every chance I’d got and more often baked my food rather than frying it. Once in awhile I did indulge and have cheat meals, but then that evening or the next day I would do an extra workout to balance out. Oh…and first thing I did every morning was drink a couple glasses of water.

My true goal is not going to be achieved in 6 months or a year, it will take a lifetime of living a healthy, happy and an active lifestyle so that I can still do a WOD when I am in my elder years. The only way I will be able to make that happen is by being discipled and driven to keep working at it everyday….it also helps to have a great team encouraging me along the way!!

Much thanks and appreciation to the Crossfit Select Family


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