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Weekend Workouts


Please note, that over the next 3 weeks of the OPEN, we will be posting the SATURDAY and SUNDAY workouts on Fridays. The OPEN announcement is done on Thursday night, and we will be adjusting our programming based on the OPEN workout. This is for your benefit, as we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your classes, and not overdoing certain movements….CROSSFIT = constantly varied, functional movements! Once the OPEN workout is announced on Thursdays evenings, it will be programmed as the FRIDAY workout. The adjustments to the weekend workouts will save your hands, backs, legs and every other muscle from getting over worked.

Keep rocking out the OPEN workouts! We are so proud of our community!

New gym ownership


After 6 years of running CrossFit Select, I have decided to move forward and purse some of my other dreams and aspirations. I leave everyone in good hands with Steve Viola, Chris Baillie and Sebastian Palaszewski taking ownership at the gym.
I want to thank everyone who has helped out, supported, and stuck with me and CrossFit Select over the years, support never went un- noticed.
I will see everyone in class….except this time I’ll be in class With you:)



Hey guys! Just a reminder, Fridays are designated: OPEN WORKOUT day. Tommy will be programming the OPEN WORKOUT for Fridays, and they will be posted Thursday night after the announcement is done. You can complete the Open workout in any of the classes throughout the morning: 6/7/10. If you need a judge, try and organize a friend to judge you during that morning class. The evening on FRIDAY will be 3 – 7pm, OPEN WORKOUT only.
Show up on Friday night and sign up for a heat when you get to the gym. ONLY the OPEN workout will be done on Friday nights. There is NO open gym during this time. PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND. This is to prevent chaos from happening 🙂
I will post a warm up and movement tips for the workouts on Thursday nights after the workouts been announced!
Hope everyone’s getting excited!! – Holly

Wrist wraps


Hey guys,
If you are looking for some new unique wrist wraps for your lifting then check out Jessica’s shop online! All made by hand!


CrossFit Open


Note from Coach Holly:

It’s that time of year……
Sign up online today! It’s a great challenge, 1 workout each week for 5 weeks! See your progress from last year, or set some baseline progress for the years to come! We will be hosting an open workout time slot, either Friday or Saturday (like in the past).
Head over to the Games website to register, or for more information! This is open to ALL levels! There is a scaled and RX division. Got questions? Ask your coaches!
The OPEN is all about Community, pushing yourself and supporting others. It’s my favourite time of year and I find it really brings our community together! I’m looking forward to an exciting 2017! Sign up online and join the Crossfit Select Team 🙂
Feel free to take part in the judges online certification to help judge others when the Open comes around! The whole CrossFit community, people from ALL over the world are doing the Open, so why not you too?

Please sign up for class


Please sign up for the class you are looking to attend, if you show up to class without signing up and it is full you will get turned away! The classes are capped at 20 people unless stated other wise, please be respectful to the coaches and other members. It takes :30 seconds to sign up, if there is any issues with your account to do so please email us at info@crossfitselect.com to get it sorted out.
Thank you

CF Select Regional Team


For anyone currently not a member of CrossFit Select interested in representing Team CrossFit Select in the Open, Regioanls or Games, you must be a member no later than Jan 1st 2017. Anyone not a member will not be considered past this date, no exceptions. Please email Tommy at info@crossfitselect.com to sign up or if there are any questions.

Thank you,

New Sweater colours


Hey guys,

we had to change the colour of the sweaters due to no stock. Below is the new sweater colour if you want to cancel you order please email us at info@crossfitselect.com by sunday night

Christmas party


Hey guys,

December 10th The Perry’s have opened up their house to host our Christmas Party! There will be a potluck sign up at the gym with in the next few day!

Date: December 10th

time: 6:30pm

Address: will be posted at the gym or check your emails

Thank you