George Raya

Motivation cannot only come from other people’s success stories, it has to come from within so you too can create your own success story.

I always looked for motivation from other people and saw that they could do it and knew I was able to do the same thing. I just needed guidance, determination and hard work.

A year ago I was at my worst, having worked various part time jobs which involved being in the office, on the road and eating out a lot. It allowed for one kind of expansion and that was in the waistline. I was going to the gym often and lifting weight and getting big but at the same time I wasn’t loosing any weight as I just added on muscle underneath the fat. About a year ago I was at 272lbs. Looking myself in the mirror and telling myself I needed a change wasn’t going to work anymore. I need to go out and make that change for myself.

Having worked out at many gyms before and continued being unhappy with my lack of progress, friends from work suggested that I buy the Crossfit Select group on and give it a try. I took their advice.

I remember my first day in the box. I was introduced to the coach and feeling a little nervous even though I had been working out for a while. the fundamental classes were great to take as they refreshed my memory of movements that I had not done in a while and ones that I love doing myself and introduced me to movements I have never done. Coach Drij and coach Chris Harrington really emphasized the need for learning the fundamental movements and helped me fix my mistakes. Right off the bat I knew that this place would be a good place as the coaches pay attention to you as an individual while they are teaching the rest of the class. After finishing the fundamental classes I knew I wanted to jump right into the WOD classes because I was excited and prepared to take on the challenge that I had with myself.

image1My first WOD class, coach Tommy introduced himself and asked everyone to introduce themselves and say hello. I remember the warmup and thinking to myself. This is odd. Coach Tommy asked us to grab the small soft dodgeballs and to start playing dodgeball. During the warmup if you were tagged you had to do burpees/sit-ups/push-ups. I remember thinking to myself this warm up has to be the best I’ve done in a long time. Everyone was laughing and having a great time. Then coach Tommy started with breaking down the workout of the day and focused on each and every one of us. As easy as I thought the WOD was at the end of it I was flat on my back and gasping for air. This is where I knew I would be challenged and needed to pick myself up and do it all over again the next day. I have not looked back since.

Training at CFS has allowed me to meet amazing people! People who’ve become friends and I’ve started going to class with regularly and we push each other everyday! The more I came in for a workout the more I wanted to continue coming in.

About 4 months into working out many people started talking about the crossfit open games and the paleo challenge. I’ve always loved challenging myself but didn’t think I was ready for the open or the paleo challenge. This is where my friends and the CFS community really came in and pushed me to do both as they saw the benefits that I hadn’t yet. Things like “what’s the worst that’s going to happen george?” Were said… “You are going to set some goals and go from there” finally my favourite “you’re going to lose a ton of weight if you do these two things” I signed up for the open and it was the best thing I could have done for myself as it allowed me to understand that I have many weaknesses but at the same time I have many strengths that I didn’t think I had from the beginning.

After several days of debate and calling on friends for suggestions I went to the paleo challenge meeting and signed up. Here I am debating and contemplating … Went to the paleo challenge meeting signed myself up yet still wondering if I made the right choice. I went home that same night and started looking at all the success stories and decided that it was time that I create my own success story and stop looking at others.

The crossfit open games and the paleo challenge went hand in hand… Working out everyday and looking forward to the workout that was coming up week to week where I would push myself. There were workouts where I was upset but others where I surprised myself. It was tough but easy with the amount of support and learning I had from the coaches and from many of my friends who I met at CFS who were doing the open and paleo challenge as well.

IMG_6077I can proudly say with the amount of learning from the coaches and support I’ve had from the many friends that I’ve made at this wonderful place I’ve been able to lose over 50lbs and I feel great about it! This is one amazing community that I have been blessed to be welcomed into with smiles that are contagious, great positive attitudes a lot of knowledge and support.

This here is my success story and anyone who is reading this and thinks “I can’t do this”… You absolutely can! Work hard and want it like you’ve never wanted anything else. It will happen!


Quinn – I lost 40 pounds!

Whoaaaaaaa what is this CrossFit Gimmick, is that what you’re thinking? I know I was. I didn’t want to be HUGE! The workouts look insane? and what about all these negative stories? Well, CrossFit Select changed my mind from the second I walked through the doors to A BIG POSITIVE, SUPPORTIVE AND ENCOURAGING FAMILY!

Quinn's success story - before picture


Pre-CrossFit Select.


I was always athletic as a kid and into my early 20’s until I encountered a few unfortunate events of life that left me with floating cartilage in both shoulders, a tilted pelvis and an awkward yet minor back problem. I lost all motivation in my 20’s and my activity came to a screeching halt! My weight loss/gain has been all of the place for the past 6 years. I tried ever diet/circuit training/ commercial gym and even an expensive personal trainer/nutrionist,Quinn's success story - After picture nothing worked!. It always came back. I lost 40 pounds due to a bum thyroid (metabolism) running on overdrive WOOHOO. I had my Thyroid removed and BAM back to 198lbs in 3 months..


I walked through the doors at CrossFit Select in March 2014 at 188lbs. I left my first WOD (work out of the day) dripping in sweat and grinning from ear to ear! I DID IT. With the help of Owner Tommy Snarr and the most amazing coaching staff within a few weeks they had made me realize that biggest obstacle to building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle was me. So I made a promise that I would see my CROSSFIT family and eat healthy for 30 days. It was during the pain, sweat and tears of WOD after WOD for 30 days (4-5 days a week) that I knew I was “ready for change”


CROSSFIT SELECT has given me my health back, NO MORE Physical Therapists. Crossfit itself, optimizes fitness by a constantly varied functional movement, performed at relatively high intensity and CROSSFIT SELECT is CROSSFIT at its finest. The dedication of OWNER Tommy Snarr, his Coaching staff and its members make this box my family! Just checkout the FACEBOOK page and you’ll see. Owner Tommy keeps our WODS fresh, you’ll never be bored, and he’s great for a laugh, cry, scream or dance! Coach Holly has Rainbows and Unicorns following her around. A TRUE inspiration to our BOX, you need a motivation/positivity boost, find her, the one with the constant smile. Coach Lori, will kick you in the ass and you will be laughing while sweating through a WOD, that you will both love and dread. Coach Steve = Mr Stretch, best stretching routines ever!. Coach Chris, always seems to have the workout/stretch/answer you need! I’m sure, I’m missing a few coaches whom I haven’t had a chance to work with, but the one thing I can say for sure is, this is a family who will welcome you with open arms. A family that will encourage you and help you grow physically, mentally and emotionally, because everything we do, we do it TOGETHER! As family we will sweat, cry, laugh and yell, and always pick you up from the pile of sweat in which you lie! I cant say enough about our box, come check us out, you wont regret adopting CROSSFIT SELECT as your newest family member(s)